Well, I’m still waiting to see The Road because the two local movie theaters didn’t think that anybody would want to see it. Hopefully it will be playing here next week…
I’ve decided on a place to live when I move back to Utah. I’ll be living at Pinebrook Apartments (http://www.pinebrookapartmentcommunity.com/), just 5 minutes North of where I’ll be working. Why Pinebrook and not some other place, you ask? Patio, pool, my own washer and dryer, workout room, 850 square feet all to myself, one month of free rent, and a reasonable monthly rent. I was planning on waiting until I got back to look around in person, but my instincts told me that this was the best apartment I would find. So, I’m signing a one-year lease, during which I’ll be able to look for something more permanent and house-ish.
I went to Knoxville to visit Heather and Carson for Thanksgiving. It was about a five-hour drive, so not too long. Driving past Louisville at night was gorgeous, but I didn’t stop to visit. It was great seeing my favorite twin sister and my favorite Brother-in-law-that’s-marred-to-a-twin-sister. His birthday was the same weekend, so I got him a tournament chess set from the USCF website (click here to view the stellar set). Needless to say, we went to battle a couple of times. We also cooked an amazing Thanksgiving dinner. It was a great trip!
For the trip, I bought a GPS (I get lost easily). But on returning to Bloomington, I didn’t need it anymore. So I returned to Best Buy and instead got a Playstation 3! Just like Rami’s! My dad will be so proud that I’ve started gaming again. So far, I’ve been hooked to Batman: Arkham Asylum and Bioshock. But, this is all just boring update stuff, nothing exciting. More news and thoughts as I prepare for graduation and…du du du dum…the Real World: Ogden!


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