RSS Feed Readers

A couple of months ago, I had created an account on News Gator because I’d heard a little about RSS feeds.  But after only an hour of tinkering around, I gave up because I couldn’t quite figure out what was going on.  So our last class session was very interesting and informative.  Today, I dusted off my old News Gator account and also tried two other readers, Gritwire and Bloglines.  News Gator and Bloglines were somewhat similar to each other, but more about that later.  My least favorite was Gritwire.  The layout was confusing and cluttered, and I never could figure out how to actually subscribe to the feeds.  I definitely didn’t like Gritwire.

When comparing News Gator and Bloglines, I ended up liking Bloglines more because I felt that it was easier to use, the layout was cleaner, and it was overall more helpful than News Gator.  Ultimately, I will be using Bloglines for our class, but I definitely need to play with it more.  I would also like to compare it to some readers that can be installed directly into Firefox; when I do I’ll write another post about my findings.


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